About Fonebook


Since 2001, Fonebook has been delivering value added branding to our ever growing list of clients in Ontario. We extend our gratitude to them for their support and encouragement, which has enabled our firm to grow and offer you the Fonebook platform across Canada.

Custom made, the Fonebook Guide is unmatched in quality. Arguably, it is the most stylish and unique Film, Video and Digital Directory of its kind. There is quite simply no other like it. With meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, this Directory has become a valuable resource tool to countless industry professionals, both in Canada and abroad.

Fonebook is visually pleasing and user friendly, everything you need coast to coast; Production, Studios, Post, Music and a whole lot more. All within a durable, compact package, designed to go where you go.

Fonebook.ca, our companion website, is one click away with helpful online information, and your Gold Interactive Web listing offers potential client’s access to PDF’s, Stills, Demo Reels... Our Rate Card offers a selection of value added coverage that provides you with an invaluable print and e-marketing platform to showcase your brand name in our industry with cost effective exposure across Canada and the World.

We value your insight as an industry professional and would appreciate a moment of your time to hear your opinion with the Fonebook model. Many of the features you see in Fonebook were offered as suggestions by Industry Professionals. Feel free to share with us your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve Fonebook to be a valuable resource tool to our industry.

George Meditskos