In order to have a listing on, Premium and/or Standard Listing, the client must be subscribed to Fonebook’s mailing list as an avenue of communication.

Fonebook will send out emails from time to time that the company may view as beneficial information to share with you.

If you have an Advertising Space Agreement with Fonebook, which includes both Web and Print Branding Packages, there is implied consent that you are subscribed to Fonebook’s mailing list for the year duration of the contract. If at any time a client with a Premium Web Listing wishes to unsubscribe their listing will be removed regardless of if the year duration of the contract has finished. You are allowed to unsubscribe at any time.

However if you are the last or only contact on your companies listing, the listing will be removed. This applies to both Premium and Standard Web Listings. There must be at minimum one email contact that is subscribed to Fonebook’s mailing list.

To unsubscribe, locate your listing and click update listing, check mark unsubscribe, click submit, and your request will be processed.